Events & Announcements  

If you are on the Nursery Worker list and want to come off or if you are not on the list and would like to be added please let Nedra Scarborough know.


Practice for the Christmas Musical has begun.  Any one interested in being a part of this come and join us.  We welcome one and all.


We are practicing the Children’s Christmas play every Sunday and Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m.


We are trying to update our records.  If anyone has changed their address or phone number please let the office know.  This is for all,  you or your out of town relatives.


Nov. Ushers are Gerald Scarborough, Gary Brock, Dickie Dowdy, and Rob Underwood


December is the month for Lottie Moon.  Our goal is $3,500.  Please pray about it and give so we can reach this goal.


We are currently updating the Children’s Church list.  THERE WILL BE NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH DURING THE MONTH OF DECEMBER.

It will resume in January of 2017.  Thank you  Michelle Sinyard & Becky Perkins.


Please bring your Angel Tree gift November 27th, wrapped ready for the child.  This gives the committee time to get everything ready for the party.

Nov. 22nd:    Prayer Meeting
Nov. 24th:    Thanksgiving Day
Nov. 27th:    First Sunday of Advent
                    Greening of the Sanctuary
Dec. 1st:      Backpack Buddies
                    Deacon’s Banquet
Dec. 4th:      Brotherhood
                    Second Sunday of Advent
                    Deacon Meeting
                    Youth Advisory Meeting
                    Children’s Christmas Play – Evening Service
Dec. 5th:      Angel Tree Party – 6:30 p.m.
Dec. 8th:      Backpack Buddies


In lieu of flowers a donation to the building fund will be made by the family of W.A. Sargent, Jr. in his memory.

Nov. 27th    Mrs. Marjorie Dowdy
Dec. 4th      Ms. Cathryn Garner


Nov. 20th    Nedra Scarborough
Nov.  27th   Andrea Tyler
Dec. 4th      Nedra Scarborough


Nov. 20th    Catherine Mayo
Nov. 27th    Tina Moore

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