Events & Announcements  

ATTENTION HGH SCHOOL GRADUATES - We would like to set up an area in the Fellowship Hall for each of you May 15th  & May 22nd.  We need a photo album or framed photos of your life to designate your spot (get these to Margaret Sanders or Paula Faye Owens by May 15th) also we need pictures for the video to be played on May 22nd.  These need to be given to David Mayo by May 11th in order for him to compile them. 

High School graduates

Grant Phiel   
Chance Underwood   
Hal Tyson
Logan Harris   
Remington Fultz       
Joseph Jackson

College Graduates

Sarah Kent
Macy McGlamry               
Maggie McGlamry
Anna Posey

Summer Mission Trips

July 24-30
We will be partnering with Morganton Baptist Church in the Blue Ridge area.  Let Andrea know if you are interested in joining the mission team.

Donna Cobb will be going on a mission trip to Puerto Rico and Grant Pheil will be going to California on a mission trip this summer.  Please be much in prayer for these as they spread God’s word.

Vacation Bible School


Items needed for CRAFTS

Styrofoam Egg Cartons
Old CDs or DVDs
Rectangular Butter Cream Cheese or Sandwich meat plastic containers
Lids or caps from water bottles or drink bottles

Please deliver these items to Michelle Sinyard, Patti Smith, or Dawn Mayo

Other Announcements

Mandy Smith will be posting on the Penia Facebook page for the summer.  If you have events, announcements, pictures of events that you want on our facebook page please email them to her at 

May Refreshment team is:  *Kim Underwood, Carol West, Sara Hughes, Penny McKee, Katie Purdy, & Jeanette Underwood.

May 15th:    Graduate Tables in the Fellowship Hall
                   Fellowship & Refreshments
May 22nd:    Recognize Graduates
                   Council 5:00 p.m.
May 24th:     Election (Don’t Forget to Vote)
May 25th:     Family Night (Youth)
May 29th:     Worship in Song – Men of Pinecrest & Penia Youth
May 30th:     Memorial Day
June 5th:     Brotherhood 8:00 a.m.
                   Deacon Meeting 5:00p.m.
                   Youth Advisory Committee 5:00 p.m.
                   Penia Puppets will perform (Evening Service)
June 6th:     Circle of Friends
June 6th-10th:    IMPACT
June 12-16th:    Vacation Bible School
June 14th:    WMU Ladies 10:00 a.m. at the church (Vera McGlamry)
                    Flag Day
June 19th:    Father’s Day
June 20th:    Summer Begins


In lieu of flowers a donation will be made to the building fund by Mrs. Jeanette Underwood & Family in memory of Mr. Billy Underwood.

May 22nd:    Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Dozier      
May 29th:    Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Dorough


May 15th:    Stacey Posey
May 22nd:   Nedra Scarborough
May 29th:    Nedra Scarborough


May 22nd:    Judy Hobbs
May 29th:     Dawn Mayo
June 5th:      Pam Dozier
June 12th:    Catherine Mayo

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